The GIGABYTE GeForce GTX AORUS 1070 Gaming Box is a high-end graphics card with the GeForce GTX 1070 GPU from NVIDIA in an external housing for Ultrabooks for gaming Ultrabook to expand. Built on the powerful Pascal architecture GeForce GTX 10 series of graphics cards provides three times more power than the previous generation graphics cards as well as innovative new gaming technologies and realistic VR experiences to. Other features include NVIDIA Ansel, with extensive tools for creating screenshots in games and NVIDIA G-Sync and Game Stream. Built up on the AORUS GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming Box GPU has 1920 shader units. the AORUS GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming Box is connected via a Thunderbolt 3 interface which provides up to 40 Gbit / s


  • Производител
  • Тип на продукт
    Видео карта
  • Партиден номер
    GV--N1070IXEB 8GD
  • Уебстраница
  • Памет на видеокарта
    8 GB
  • Тип на памета
  • Резолюция
  • Захранваща мощност
    500 W
  • Портове
    DisplayPort 1 DVI-D 2 DVI with HDCP 1 HDMI 1 HDMI version 2.0b
  • GPU
  • Clock
    1531 MHz
  • Memory bus rate
    256 bit
  • Размери
    Width: 162 mm x height: 96 mm x depth: 212 mm
  • Гаранция
    24 месеца

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